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The United States Congress needs an upgrade. The Steny Hoyer operating system is full of bugs and viruses. Luckily, Mckayla Wilkes is tested and ready to be installed.

Steny Hoyer has long served as the number-two Democrat in the House, often using leverage for policy agendas that are unpopular with the party’s base but popular with Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. In late 2002, he was among the minority of House Democrats voting to authorize the Bush-Cheney war on Iraq. In 2008, he angered civil-liberties advocates when he helped draft a “compromise bill” with Republicans that expanded government surveillance power and immunized telecom firms for privacy abuses. In 2012, he urged a “grand bargain” budget deal that would cut Social Security and entitlement programs.

A very few of the things Mckayla Wilkes is committed to working for are: Medicare For All; a Green New Deal; a $15 minimum wage; major housing reform reducing homelessness; a lifetime ban on members of Congress and the Cabinet becoming lobbyists; taxing estates, wealth, financial transactions, and upper incomes; investment in primary education and debt-free college; demilitarizing police; creating a universal basic income; and abolishing private prisons, the death penalty, cash bail, ICE, and so-called "right to work" laws.

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Hoyer keeps busy obstructing progressive initiatives from Medicare for All to a Green New Deal. Only 15 House Democrats have a lower lifetime environmental score from the League of Conservation Voters. But Hoyer still finds time to block progressive candidates. In 2018, as heard on secretly recorded audio, he overtly pressured a progressive Democratic candidate to bow out of a Denver-area congressional primary in deference to a corporate-friendly opponent anointed by party leaders.

Hoyer represents a southern Maryland district that is two-fifths people of color. For nearly four decades, he has routinely coasted to re-election while lavishly funded by corporate interests. We need to uninstall this malfunctioning representative ASAP!

We can do so by building up national support for Mckayla Wilkes. This is her second attempt, and her first was the most serious challenge made to Hoyer since the beginning of the Ronald Reagan presidency. Other would-be candidates have chosen to back Wilkes. The stakes are high, as a victory would replace one of the worst Democrats in Congress with someone likely to be one of the best.

Wilkes even proposes using the War Powers Resolution to end U.S. participation in the war on Yemen, and moving at least $200 billion out of military spending, as well as "massively increasing funding for foreign aid programs, especially in regions victimized by unjust American military interventions."

Incredible! Put your support for Wilkes here with a donation to her campaign and RootsAction's work.

Thank you!

--- The RootsAction.org Team

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