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Residents of Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District need a representative in Congress who’ll help to move progressive agendas forward. Clearly, the best choice now is Karen Carter Peterson.

RootsAction supported Gary Chambers in the first round of the primary to replace Cedric Richmond for the now-vacant House seat. We raised money for Gary’s campaign. And we’re disappointed that he didn’t quite make it into the runoff election that’s set for April 24.

But we agree with Gary Chambers’ endorsement of Karen Carter Peterson for the runoff. She’s clearly a better choice than her opponent.

As a candidate in this race, State Senator Karen Carter Peterson has said that in Congress she’ll stand up for such crucial measures as Medicare for All; a $15 minimum wage; wind and solar energy production; criminal justice and police reform; gun control; and reproductive rights.

No wonder last month the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC endorsed Karen Carter Peterson in this runoff.

Time is short and -- with the U.S. House of Representatives voting on crucial bills with razor-thin margins -- the stakes are high.

Thank you,
The RootsAction.org Team