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RootsAction: Connect. Act. Grow.
We are creating a video montage, including a video of up to 60 seconds of you, which will take you only about 60 seconds to make, with no need to download, save, upload, or edit anything. You just
  1. click here,
  2. click "record / upload your video,"
  3. talk to the camera on your computer, tablet, or phone for up to 60 seconds,
  4. click "confirm" if you're happy with the video you've made.

Have you used RootsAction to email Congress with good results, signed a petition that had an impact, created a DIY petition that succeeded, or been part of any of the 116 successes listed on our website?

This is what we want to hear about in your video.

Have you learned from or informed others with RootsActions emails or events?

What do you hope we can do in the next 10 years?

How glad are you to be part of an online movement that takes principled and strategic stands to make the world a better place?

What is your favorite memory of anything RootsAction has done?

What do you appreciate most about RootsAction?

What should we do next?

Take a few seconds or up to 60 to be part of this video right here.

Thanks for all you do, and welcome to movie stardom!

If you'd rather not be on camera, you can also help out with a donation.

-- The RootsAction.org Team


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