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The filibuster is a decades long, unjust, and discriminatory practice in our government, and it needs to end now.


President Joe Biden agrees: filibustering in its current form cannot stand. He noted that “democracy is having a hard time functioning” with how the filibuster is being used right now in Washington.

We believe that the filibuster is an unjust and undemocratic rule in our government, and it needs to end now, Supporter. As long as the filibuster exists in its current form, we continue to stall the opportunity for bold and progressive legislation.

Until the filibuster ends, fates of further COVID relief, bold action on climate, a $15 minimum wage and more will continue to lie in the hands of entrenched incumbents who are determined to maintain the status quo.

Senate Democrats are in the unique position to be able to wield progressive power for the betterment of our government systems and our communities – but we need to push them to act. Will you add your name to call for an end to the filibuster?

The filibuster is the Senate procedure that requires 60 votes to advance most bills — meaning that even if Democrats have 51 votes in the Senate, a majority in the House, and the presidency, Senate Republicans in the minority can still block us from passing legislation to help the American people. This is absurd, especially due to the fact 41.5 million more Americans are represented by Democrats in the Senate than by the Republican half.

Passing legislation like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal is a part of undoing white supremacy and getting our country closer to becoming a multi-racial democracy. All this is within reach — but it’s nearly impossible to get there with the filibuster in place. And Republicans know that.

Since they’re no longer in control of the White House, the Senate, or the House of Representatives, Republicans are desperate to do everything they can to hold onto power and block any progressive legislation that comes our way — and that includes holding onto the filibuster for as long as they can.

The filibuster has continued to be a source of gridlock in Congress. It halts our progress by muting our voice, bulldozing our opportunities for bold change and maintaining a pillar of white supremacy that blocks any effort to make our country just and equitable for us all. Will you add your name in support of ending this unjust practice once and for all?

Thank you for adding your name,

Team Bowman