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Then-President Donald Trump tore up the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement with Iran, despite Iran's compliance with it, and increased sanctions that are causing great human suffering in Iran. President Joe Biden came into office knowing that he would have a limited time in which to undo these steps before an Iranian election scheduled for June was likely to eliminate the opportunity to rejoin the agreement.

Instead of easing sanctions, even during a deadly pandemic, the Biden administration has insisted that Iran return to compliance with the agreement first. Biden has been encouraged on this disastrous path by a letter sent to Secretary of State Antony Blinken by 70 members of the U.S. Congress, including your representative:

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The letter sent to Blinken (linked in Background below) blames Iran for "violating" the agreement after Trump withdrew from it and it ceased to exist, and accuses Iran of various sorts of "malign behavior," ranging from cyber attacks to weapons testing to terrorism funding, without ever mentioning which party complied with the aggreement and which did not, and without ever mentioning proudly acknowledged U.S. cyber attacks, U.S. weapons testing, U.S. nuclear weapons, a U.S. missile used to murder an Iranian general, or the U.S. role as top supplier of weapons to the Middle-East, including to brutal dictatorships engaged in horrific wars.

This past week, the U.S. military alleged, without making public a shred of evidence, a comically unlikely threat from Iran to attack a U.S. military base in Washington, D.C. The value of Iran as an enemy for purposes of justifying outrageous military budgets is long-established. In 2013, a Gallup poll in 65 nations found that in the majority of them the United States was viewed as the top threat to peace in the world, whereas in the United States, Iran was considered the top threat to peace. Iran's military budget is 1.3 percent of the United States'.

Peace with Iran is perfectly obtainable if desired. We need to make our Congress Members desire it. We need to compell them to undo the choice to have Iran as an enemy.

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>> Letter from 70 Congress Members to President Biden
>> 2013 Gallup Poll
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