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One of this country's best progressive activist leaders is running for Congress in a special election likely to be scheduled in May. The election is in a very solidly Democratic district in Ohio. The question is not whether a Democrat will go to Washington, but rather what kind of Democrat?

The question is not even whether an experienced and accomplished politician will go to Washington. Former state senator Nina Turner has proven her ability to work well with others and get important policy changes done.

The question is whether the new member of Congress will go there with the intention of working for what we need. In stark contrast to her leading rival for the nomination, Nina Turner is an outspoken and eloquent advocate for enacting universal healthcare, passing a bold climate agenda, raising the federal minimum wage to $15 and then higher, ending the U.S. wars, cancelling student debt, creating a federal jobs guarantee, ending the filibuster, taxing the super-wealthy, and moving funding from militarism to human needs.

We won't get all of those things just by electing Nina Turner. But we're unlikely to get any of them if we don't elect people like Nina Turner. And the timing will be perfect. The honeymoon and the first 100 days will be over. Demand for action will be at a peak. And a leader who can get things done will arrive in the House of Representatives with a mandate to actually represent!

Click here to support Nina Turner's campaign and RootsAction's work.

Nina Turner is not taking any corporate PAC money, and is relying on small-dollar donations from people like us to get her elected. We've already given her a great start, but need to do more.

Please contribute what you can afford to Nina Turner’s campaign so we can show the Democratic Party establishment that a bold progressive agenda is popular, raises big money from everyday people, and wins elections. 

We can count on Nina Turner to represent the interests of the people over those of corporations and wealthy donors.

Click here to support Nina Turner’s campaign and RootsAction’s ongoing efforts to reshape Congress.

We need Nina Turner in Congress to push for the progressive agenda and push back against the influence of corporate interests that continue to plunder and corrupt our government.

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