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Congress needs experienced activists, not funded lobbyists. Gary Chambers would be more than just "the next Squad member." Gary Chambers would turn the place upside down.

Chambers is a leading social justice advocate based in Baton Rouge with roots in New Orleans. He is running for the open Congressional seat in Louisiana's 2nd District. The election is on March 20th. Early voting starts March 6th. All over the country, we have an interest in supporting Chambers' campaign and RootsAction's work.

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Check out just part of Gary Chambers' platform:
  • Medicare for All.
  • Green New Deal.
  • Demilitarization of police.
  • A Federal Community Public Safety Agency.
  • Marijuana legalization.
  • Fundamental immigration reform.
  • Free higher education.
  • Student debt cancelation.
  • Moving military funding to early childhood development.
  • Defunding nuclear weapons.
We won't get these things electing people who won't even say them. Let's elect Gary Chambers instead!

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

Join us on Zoom on Thursday evening for a "Cancel Student Debt Action Call" with the Debt Collective's Thomas Gokey.


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