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As RootsAction co-founder Jeff Cohen recently told Newsweek: “I’m seeing too much hesitation -- if they [Democrats] don’t deliver amid these multiple crises, then Republicans will storm back to power in 2022.”

RootsAction is determined to make sure that doesn’t happen -- by organizing around bold policies like Rep. Ilhan Omar’s proposal to provide recurring $2,000 stimulus payments, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ proposal to establish free health care as a human right for the duration of the pandemic, and Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer’s push for President Biden to cancel federally-held student debt through executive order to stimulate our struggling economy.

But the only way these policies will be enacted is through broad popular support and consistent pressure on lawmakers from their constituents. RootsAction is working to make this happen, but we need your support. Here’s what you can do to help:

1. RSVP for tonight’s #NoHoneymoon Campaign Event and invite your friends.
A conversation and Q&A with Bill Fletcher Jr., who’s a lifelong activist, former AFL-CIO senior staffer, and editor of The Global African Worker. We'll wrap up the national discussion by talking about what you can do to TAKE ACTION and push for members of Congress to pass the $2,000 stimulus payments we were promised.

2. Please, chip in any amount you can afford to help RootsAction push for these bold progressive policies that will help lift all Americans during this time of extreme crisis.

People are suffering. We clearly don’t have any time to waste. RootsAction has already mobilized over a thousand volunteers through the #NoHoneymoon campaign to ensure that Biden and the newly empowered Democratic leadership deliver for the everyday people they claim to represent -- not their donors among the monied interests.

RootsAction is working to make sure that Biden is held accountable on the issues most important to progressives -- including income inequality, structural racism, rampant militarism, and health care as a human right. You’re invited to join the #NoHoneymoon campaign today.

You can help by chipping in any amount you can to support these and other ongoing efforts.

In solidarity,

The Team at RootsAction.org

P.S. Want to join our team challenging Biden to back policies that benefit everyone instead of corporate donors?
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