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According to a new report from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), nominee for Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, when he previously served in the same position, had a deeply disturbing record of suppressing science to suit the agenda of Big Agriculture. According to PEER, there are numerous examples of:
  • Directives not to publish data on certain topics of particular sensitivity to industry;
  • Orders to rewrite scientific articles already accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal to remove sections that could provoke industry objections;
  • Inordinate, sometimes indefinite, delays in approving submission for publication of scientific papers that may be controversial;
  • Restrictions on topics that USDA scientists may address in conference presentations; and
  • Targeting USDA scientists who industry identified as troublesome for harassment.
This is on top of what we already knew about Vilsack as a servant of Big Ag and someone with a very bad record on civil rights.

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Tom Vilsack is in the pocket of “Big Ag.” As Agriculture Secretary he repeatedly capitulated to corporate interests over the needs of workers and small farmers. Vilsack ushered through a spineless GMO labeling standard rubber stamped by Big Ag, and sped-up the approval process for genetically modified crops. He allowed the meat industry to further monopolize -- squeezing out small farmers -- and scaled back oversight of poultry processing plants, permitting them to effectively self-regulate and thereby endangering food and worker safety. Immediately after leaving his post at the USDA in 2016, Vilsack became CEO of one the largest U.S. dairy lobbies.

Tom Vilsack also has an egregious record on matters of civil rights. At the end of his tenure as USDA secretary, Vilsack proudly claimed to have presided over a “New Era for Civil Rights at the USDA,” but -- according to the numerous civil rights groups and associations of black farmers angered by his recent nomination -- the truth was quite the opposite. An extensive two-year investigation by The Counter revealed that Vilsack’s USDA misrepresented data to minimize persisting disparities and discrimination against black farmers to deceptively portray its civil rights record in a positive light.

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>>  Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: "Vilsack’s Disturbing Suppression of USDA Science"
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