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Throughout the pandemic, postal workers have been among the most essential employees -- working tirelessly to deliver medication, ballots, letters, and checks.

But the leadership of the USPS has spent the pandemic undermining those workers by sabotaging the mail service we all rely on. Not only did the Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, deliberately slow down some mail, but the USPS Board of Governors backed him while he did it.

Fortunately, there are four vacancies on the USPS Board of Governors, and President Joe Biden can fill them all, and tilt the balance of power back to a leadership that believes in the simple, universal promise of the postal service!

Tell Joe Biden: Take immediate action to fill the four vacancies on the Postal Board of Governors with diverse and community-based members who will build back better the Postal Service, serve our communities, and heal the economy.

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Here is the message you can send to President Biden:

We call on you to quickly fill the four vacancies of the Postal Board of Governors with diverse and community-based members who:
  • Are fully committed to vibrant, public and universal postal services
  • End the current Postmaster General’s agenda of cutting service and slowing the mail
  • Will champion emergency COVID-relief for USPS
  • Will support an agenda of expanding the role of the USPS in serving our communities
Filling the vacancies on the postal board is essential to build back better the Postal Service and to serve our communities and to help heal our economy.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

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