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At this historic and long-awaited moment, we are proud that -- together with your support -- RootsAction.org helped ensure that today would be Trump’s last in office.

The past four years have been a nonstop race to mitigate the harm enacted by the Trump administration, and now the temptation to grow complacent is understandable. But in the words of Nina Turner, “only all that we love is on the line.”

There is too much at stake to look away, and history has shown that change does not come without a demand. We are demanding bold action from President Biden during his first 100 days.

RootsAction is organizing to pressure President Biden to enact popular policies like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and student debt cancellation to address the unprecedented crises we face. But we can’t succeed without you. Please chip in $3 (or more) to help maximize our efforts. Or even better, become a recurring donor to support us long-term.

With Democratic control of the presidency, House and Senate, the Biden administration has a unique opportunity to deliver for the diverse coalition that secured his electoral victory. Failure to do so will risk a return to Republican control of Congress, as we saw occur after the first two years of both the Clinton and Obama administrations. We can’t let that happen.

Though Biden is on the right track with his recent proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $15, he has wavered on the cancellation of student debt, has said little about ending the wars and has outright opposed Medicare for All. RootsAction is mobilizing to make sure that our bold progressive agenda is enacted and that President Biden gets #NoHoneymoon.

Now that Trump is gone, it’s time to get to work. You can help by chipping in what you can afford on this historic day to support RootsAction. Together, we can effectively demand change for the better.

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Onward together,

--- The RootsAction.org Team

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