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Donald Trump says his remarks to his violent supporters last week were "totally appropriate" -- after months of dangerous demagoguery about a "rigged" election.

You know what's totally appropriate?

Impeachment, conviction, and removal from office!

Click here to tell your Representative and Senators that you want Trump to be impeached and convicted.

Mike Pence is not going to remove Trump.

Prosecuting Trump in court for his crimes is assisted, not impeded, by impeaching and convicting him in Congress. Doing so gathers facts, builds pressure, and may prevent Trump from attempting to pardon himself.

Republicans who've said they support impeachment include House Members Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and John Katko. Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that Trump has committed impeachable offenses. The more House votes we get for impeachment, and the more well-reasoned pressure we apply on Senators, the more likely is conviction -- not to mention prevention of further outrages by the current President or his successors.

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RootsAction has been promoting impeachment since Trump's inauguration day, including for his instigation of violence. Impeachment is a valuable tool that needs to be used before it is lost. In the past century and a half, U.S. presidents have committed countless offenses, while only two presidents have been impeached, and both were acquitted by the Senate.

While numerous other officials have been impeached and convicted, and many more have seen their abuses curtailed by impeachment movements prior to successful impeachments, to use impeachment now -- and to convict for legitimate and publicly known reasons -- would not only restore respectability to the tool of impeachment. It would also strip away the pretense that impeachments must be lengthy and obscure investigations, as opposed to popular rejections of blatant abuses of power. It would also send a healthy warning to future office holders.

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David Swanson: "Restoring the Threat of Impeachment for Future Office Holders"
John Nichols, The Nation: “Impeach Trump Immediately”


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