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Thanks to Georgia’s voters, Democrats will control both chambers of Congress -- and it’s up to Joe Biden to make good on his promise that Americans would get $2,000 checks “immediately” if the party’s candidates won both Senate seats in that state.

Now, it’s crucial that grassroots pressure quickly compel Biden to come through on this key campaign promise as well as others, including a $15 minimum wage and cancelation of at least some student debt.

That’s why RootsAction is organizing now to ensure that Biden gets “No Honeymoon.” Chip in any amount to help hold Biden accountable to the needs of the people, and not the interests of corporations.

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The Republican “leadership” in Congress is greatly weakened by losing the Senate -- and on the defensive following the pro-Trump assault at the Capitol. As the New York Times just reported:

● Now, in the Senate, “Mr. Biden needs fewer Republican votes and, just as important, has control over which bills are sent to the floor.”

● The Trump mob violence at the Capitol, “in the view of several people in Mr. Biden’s immediate orbit, has mellowed the intensity of Republican opposition to him.”

● “Many in Mr. Biden’s circle believe he has two years to jam through Democratic priorities, starting with his pledge to pass a $2,000 payment to Americans to ease the economic hardship of the pandemic.”

But all too often we’ve seen how campaign promises can evaporate without huge and sustained grassroots pressure on elected officials. Thanks to you and hundreds of thousands of other supporters online, RootsAction is able to generate such pressure from around the country.

You can strengthen this vital work by making a donation now. And if you can afford it, sign up to be a recurring donor to help sustain this work for the long term.

We’ve already built an organizing team of more than 1,000 volunteers who are gearing up to pressure Biden to raise the minimum wage, cancel all student debt, end the wars, challenge racial injustice, enact a Green New Deal, and implement truly universal health care.

Our work is only just beginning. How far we can go will partly depend on you.

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Thank you!

--- The RootsAction.org Team

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