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RootsAction is happy to pass along this critically important email from Justice Democrats.


There is no time to waste — we need Joe Biden to appoint a Climate Cabinet. That means appointing cabinet secretaries to his administration who will center the fight to stop climate change and save our planet.

We’re demanding that President-elect Joe Biden only nominate people to his Cabinet who:

  1. Have no ties to fossil fuel companies or corporate lobbyists.
  2. Collectively be representative of America.
  3. Fight with the urgency that the climate crisis demands.

Our planet needs the Biden administration to take unprecedented action to end the use of fossil fuels and fiercely pursue an environmental justice agenda. If we don’t put the pressure on Joe Biden right now to prioritize climate, we may lose our chance. So, sign our petition demanding that Joe Biden appoint a Climate Cabinet focused on stopping climate change.

We need Joe Biden to use every tool at his disposal to fight climate change from the White House. That’s why we’re also urging him to establish The Office of Climate Mobilization to ensure that all federal agencies and cabinet secretaries all work towards the urgent goal of ending the climate crisis.  

We’re working every day to transform the Democratic Party and make it represent the people, not corporations. In 2018, we recruited AOC to run for Congress, and she introduced the Green New Deal with Senator Ed Markey in her first term. We need immediate action on the climate crisis.

The Executive Branch of government is powerful, even if Mitch McConnell maintains control of the Senate. That’s why we need to push Joe Biden on climate right now. Join our pressure campaign by signing our petition urging Joe Biden to prioritize stopping climate change as he forms his administration.

In solidarity,

Justice Democrats