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RootsAction is happy to pass along this critically important email from Justice Democrats.

Content Warning: the email discusses forced sterilization

Supporter, we are horrified but unfortunately not surprised.

A whistleblower at ICE exposed that forced hysterectomies have been taking place at an ICE detention center in Georgia. Forced sterilization has a painful and ugly history in our country, and it has roots in racism and eugenics.

Since its creation, ICE has been used to terrorize immigrant communities in our country and regularly violate human rights. It cannot be reformed; ICE must be abolished.

We’re demanding that ICE be abolished. Will you sign on right now to join us in calling for ICE to be abolished?

We must dismantle our system of mass deportation, and that begins with abolishing ICE. We must create an immigration system that is rooted in humanity, compassion, and recognizing human rights.

Justice Democrats is committed to working to elect more leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman, and Rashida Tlaib, who will fight to dismantle our inhumane system of mass deportation.

Add your name to join us in the fight to abolish ICE. Every signature will make a difference.

Thank you for taking action,

Justice Democrats