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First, a big thank-you to the hundreds of volunteers and thousands of contributors who made it possible for the Vote Trump Out campaign to have so much impact in states like Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Soon after launching three months ago, #VoteTrumpOut gained huge momentum as a social-media campaign. In October alone, more than 5 million people saw one of our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts. Our team had nearly 1 million personal interactions with viewers of our carefully-targeted paid ads in swing states. And people shared Vote Trump Out posts more than 85,000 times.

We also expanded far beyond social media -- and our own ambitious expectations -- texting over 1 million low-propensity voters in swing states, calling thousands in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and partnering with local racial justice leaders to knock on thousands of doors in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Now, while we’re resisting Trump’s efforts to stop the mail-in vote count and steal the election, we’re also organizing for the next part of the Vote Trump Out mission -- activism to challenge Biden on behalf of the kinds of structural reforms that advance racial, economic, and environmental justice.

You can now support this new stage of our progressive work by making a donation -- much appreciated in any amount -- to help RootsAction clear a post-election path for grassroots organizing around the country.

While the great news is that Trump appears to be on the verge of defeat, we’ve got to face the reality that corporate vultures and the military-industrial complex are already circling over a likely Biden administration. Many lobbyists and Wall Streeters are lining up for cabinet posts and other high positions.

RootsAction will demand that the Biden presidency serve Main Street and human needs rather than Wall Street and corporate greed.

Thank you!

With best wishes,
The RootsAction Team


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