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The picture of this presidential race is coming into focus. Joe Biden has received millions more votes than Donald Trump and is on pace to receive more votes than any previous candidate in U.S. history. He is leading in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin -- enough to win the Electoral College and become president (even without Pennsylvania and Georgia). As mail-in ballots continue to come in, Trump is losing ground by the hour. Once all the votes are counted, it is very likely Trump will be defeated.

You have a right to be proud of all the work you’ve done to get us here. This is not the overwhelming victory we may have hoped for, but it’s a scenario we very much anticipated and planned for. Trump’s attempts to cast doubt on the results are a sign of his weakness. He’s trying to bully and cheat his way through an election he’s losing, and he’s ready to use the courts to upend the will of the voters. So together we must stand firm: the basis of democracy is that We The People pick our leaders -- our leaders do not get to pick their voters.

Over the coming days, we’re going to ensure that every vote is counted. It’s critical that as many people as possible take action. Here are two ways you can help ensure every vote is counted:

1. Mobilize to Protect the Results
The Protect the Results coalition is planning peaceful rallies around the country to stand up for democracy and demand every vote be counted. Click above to find the rally nearest you, and we’ll see you in the streets! (Safely -- masked and socially-distanced.)

2. Donate to Help us Defend Democracy
In the coming days and weeks, #VoteTrumpOut will be pulling out all the stops to ensure every single vote is counted. We need to raise $10,000 this week to power our efforts mobilizing activists, holding elections officials accountable, and flooding social media with content that tells the story of the moment: that Biden is winning, and there are still a whole lot of Dem-heavy mail-in ballots to count. Whether it’s $4 or $40, all support helps!

Hang in there, take a deep breath, and then take one of the actions above. WE GOT THIS.


Dan Sherrell
#VoteTrumpOut Campaign Director


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