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Dear RootsAction supporter,

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said it well this fall:

We're now at a fateful crossroads. "Whether we like it or not," Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez said, this election "is about survival."
  • During the last three months, RootsAction has been sponsoring #VoteTrumpOut -- a carefully targeted social-media campaign that has reached more than 1 million progressives in swing states. Each of those people has seen our ads at least 15 times, with messages including incisive articles, powerful memes and original short videos featuring renowned progressives.
  • In October alone, more than 5 million people saw one of our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts.
  • Since August, we've had nearly 1 million personal interactions with viewers of our paid ads in swing states. And people shared Vote Trump Out posts more than 85,000 times.
Why are we telling you all this? Because the Vote Trump out campaign has huge momentum -- and we're going all out until the last votes are cast on Tuesday. That's where you can come in!

We need volunteers to help complete our phonebanks. Click here to be one of them.

If you can’t volunteer, you can help another way -- make a quick donation to strengthen the final push of this Vote Trump Out campaign.

At this historic moment, if you can provide your time or your donation -- or both! -- you'll be tangibly helping our collective effort to oust Donald Trump from the White House.

Thank you!

--- The RootsAction Team

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