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Folks, we’ve got a problem, and it’s a good problem to have. We had a goal of texting a quarter of a million voters in Ohio -- voters who lean Biden, but may not vote without a nudge. Well, we’ve blown through that goal, and have the potential to more than double it before the election.

Our new goal is to text half a million Ohio voters before November 3rd! It takes an average of 4 cents to text each voter, meaning $25 helps us text 625 voters, and we’ll need to raise $10,000 to reach our goal.

Can you chip in $5, $25, $50, or $100 to help us text 500,000 key Ohio voters?

Why Ohio? Three reasons. First, Ohio is now rated as one of the closest states in the country by FiveThirtyEight. Second, it has received significantly less text outreach than states like Pennsylvania and Florida, as well as lower ad spends generally, meaning we have less noise to cut through and more voters who haven’t received all the info they need to vote. Finally, because of how Ohio quickly counts its ballots, we could have a result there on election night. And if Trump loses Ohio on Nov. 3, the election is virtually certain to be a Trump defeat.

Voting is complicated this year, and voters need extra help making sure their ballot is counted. That’s why doubling our texting goal could help improve turnout in Ohio by thousands of votes! Every day, our volunteers are in texting conversations with hundreds of Ohio voters who need more information on how to vote. In a state that’s bound to go down to the wire, this could make all the difference!

Donate now to help ensure we can text at least half a million Ohio voters!

In Solidarity,
Dan Sherrell
#VoteTrumpOut Campaign Director

P.S. Can’t spare $ but want to help us actually do the texting to Ohioans? Sign up here to get trained!


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