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We’re in the homestretch folks, with just 13 days left until the most consequential election in modern American history.

#VoteTrumpOut is launching a crucial new texting program into Ohio. We’ve identified 250,000 Ohio voters who lean Democratic or are undecided, but who may not vote without a nudge. Right now Ohio is perhaps THE MOST PIVOTAL state in the country, and since its results will likely be released on election night, a clear Trump loss there would almost certainly mean his defeat!

We’re looking for 100 VOLUNTEERS to help us text all of these crucial voters. Can you give 2 hours between now and the election to flip Ohio? Sign up for a quick training here, and we’ll get you started ASAP.

Textbanking is simple, effective, and oddly satisfying. More importantly, it really could make the difference. And let’s be honest: while I’m no huge fan of Joe Biden, I am pulling out all the stops to get Trump out of office. Because I’m tired of playing desperate defense against a wannabe autocrat. It’s time for progressives to go on offense -- and as I make clear in this video, that’s exactly what we’ll do from day one of the Biden administration.

Until Nov. 3, though, we have one job. Do everything in our power to remove Trump from the White House.

We’ve identified 250,000 fence-sitting voters in Ohio, and we need 100 volunteers to help text them. Sign up now to get started.

In Solidarity,
Josh Fox


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