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Our deadline is 2030. If we want even a chance of avoiding catastrophic runaway climate  change, then that is the year by which we need to cut global emissions by half. We don’t need to tell you that 2030 is not very far away--it’s practically the day after tomorrow.

As climate champion Bill McKibben makes clear in this video, another four years of Trump will mean we have next to no chance of meeting that deadline, at which point the future of organized human society would be in severe peril. Which is why we must do everything in our power over the next three weeks to remove him from office. That starts with volunteering. The #VoteTrumpOut campaign is contacting thousands of swing voters on Facebook every day, and we need your help to be in communication with thousands more.

There are three weeks left until the election: sign up to volunteer three hours with our Digital Canvass team, and help flip a crucial swing state!

As Bill says, this election is going to come down to the wire, and we cannot afford for swing state progressives to stay home or vote third party. Donald Trump presents a unique and unprecedented threat to our democracy, to our planet, and to our ability to cohere as a country. It’s on us to make vividly clear the stakes of this election--in particular for young voters and first-time voters. With the fate of our climate in the balance, how we choose to act over the next three weeks will impact not just the next four years, but the next 4,000, maybe even 40,000--including whether and how humanity is around in those years.

Everyone who can should be giving time to help save our planet from this aspiring tyrant. Sign up here to get started!

In solidarity,
The RootsAction Team


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