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This race is still a toss-up. The polls look promising against Trump -- just as they did in 2016 -- but this election may still come down to a few thousand votes in a few battleground states. In these last weeks, we need to give everything we’ve got to defeat Donald Trump.

Whether you want to make calls, send texts, or message voters on Facebook, NotHimUs.org has volunteer opportunities for progressives who want to beat Trump WHILE building long-term progressive power.

We launched NotHimUs.org because we knew that while corporate Democrats may deserve to lose the election, working people and our climate can’t afford for Trump to win. Now #NotHimUs and #VoteTrumpOut are partnering to connect progressives with volunteer opportunities in this homestretch before the election. If every one of you gave just 2 hours in each of the next few weeks, it would help us defeat Trump by the margin we need.

But don’t take it from us. Daniel Ellsberg, legendary Pentagon Papers whistleblower, just made a video for #VoteTrumpOut, exhorting progressives to get involved to defend our country from the threat of fascism. Click below to watch, and then come get involved!

It’s all hands on deck right now. Volunteer to talk with key swing state voters via phone, text, or social media. There’s an option for every taste!

The RootsAction Team


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