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Dear RootsAction supporter,

No matter where you live, the election outcome in North Carolina could make a very big difference to you. No other swing state is closer in the polling for the presidential race than North Carolina, where the election for senator is also looking razor-close. Control of the White House and the Senate could hinge on what happens in North Carolina.

That's why you're being asked to help by making phone calls into the state. The message below, from the progressive grassroots Carolina Federation, tells you how to get involved. Thanks!

Best wishes,
The RootsAction.org Team

Next week North Carolina kicks off 17 days of Early Voting -- a golden window where millions of North Carolinians have the opportunity to decide the future of our state.

In this moment, we need your help to reach as many of those voters as possible.

At the Carolina Federation, we’re building a multi-racial political movement to shift power in North Carolina for the long-term. We’re focused on reaching voters at the county level -- engaging them before, during and after the election.

In this moment, winning means calling over 350,000 key voters across our four counties - voters in Durham, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Wilmington.

So much is at stake. As you know, North Carolina is a critical battleground in the upcoming election, with crucial progressive candidates up and down the ballot and super tight races.

Voter turnout in our four, key competitive counties could decide the outcomes. Only four years ago, it was late arriving votes from Durham County that propelled Governor Roy Cooper to a narrow, 10,000 vote statewide victory.

This year, the outcomes will determine the direction of not only our state government  but also the Presidency and U.S. Senate for years to come.

Early Voting starts on October 15th, and supporting our folks to vote safely and accurately has never been more important. We’ll have phone banks going all day -- every day --  to Get Out The Vote. Every conversation we have is one more opportunity to get our folks to the polls.

Can you join us for at least 5 GOTV shifts?

We know no one is going to do the work of building our democracy for us.

No matter where you call home, now is the time to show up and take action to create the world that we all deserve.

Let’s come to the end of Voting Season on November 3rd  knowing that we did everything possible to build a powerful movement that can both elect officials and hold them accountable.

But to build this movement and win these races, we need as many people as possible - including you - making phone calls to our North Carolina voters.

With Gratitude,
Becca Friedland
Theo Luebke
Find out more about Carolina Federation at https://carolinafederation.org