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Dear RootsAction supporter,
We're very glad to share with you this important message from our friends at Iowa Student Action.
Best wishes,
The RootsAction Team

Our state and our country are places where every person should count. No matter what you look like, how much money you have, or where you come from, it is the right of every American to vote in fair and free elections and to have their votes counted.

We are united in these beliefs and committed to upholding them. Right now, we need all hands on deck to defend our democratic processes. This is a movement, not a moment.

That's why we're joining with groups across Iowa to launch Democracy Defenders, a statewide initiative to ensure free and fair elections. Sign our pledge today!

When Trump attempts to silence the voice of the people by calling into question safe and secure voting options, we must act.

When Trump uses the power of the office to weaken democracy in our country’s time of need, we must speak out.

When Trump will not say that he will recognize the results of the election, we must defend our democracy.

Trump knows he can't win on racism and fear-mongering alone. That's why he's trying to bully, cheat, and scam his way through this election. We won't let him.

Sign our pledge: Join the Democracy Defenders in protecting the right to vote.

A democracy is a society where the people have the power to govern. The President does not decide whether he will abide by the results of an election, the people do.

Uniting across our differences, we will ensure that every vote is counted and swear in a government elected by and for us. By joining together in record numbers, we will ensure a democracy where everyone counts, no exceptions – from Iowa to the White House.

For fair and free elections,
Denise Cheeseman

Iowa Student Action
@IAStudentAction | denise@iowacci.org | (952) 261-7887



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