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With just weeks before the election, Biden is inching upward in the polls while Trump has COVID. But anything can happen before November 3rd. And the Biden campaign was late in starting door-to-door canvassing, while Team Trump has been at it for months, racking up advantages in new voter registrations. We can’t afford to be complacent. We need progressive voters to bring about a landslide, and we intend to put everything we have into getting it.

Donate $5, $10, or $27 dollars and help the #VoteTrumpOut campaign expand to all 13 swing states!

We began placing digital ads featuring progressive heroes like AOC in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin, reaching an audience of 400,000 swing voters and -- through our digital canvass program -- having one-on-one conversations with many thousands of them. We’re now expanding to North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Iowa (plus Nebraska’s 2nd district), where we’ll be reaching a combined audience of over 1 million swing voters!

But that still leaves Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, and Maine’s 2nd district, where not a single progressive voter is seeing our ads or talking to our canvassers. Right now they’re getting mainly centrist messaging from a candidate they’re not very inspired by. We can’t leave it to the Biden campaign to communicate with these progressive voters. If we don’t mobilize them, they may not vote or may vote 3rd-party protest.  

Only a few thousand allows us to expand into a new swing state. If we raise $25,000 in the next week, we might even be able to hit all of them. Donate whatever you can to get our ads seen by every progressive voter in every swing state in our country.

In solidarity,

Dan Sherrell
Campaign Director


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