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Over the next month, you’ll probably spend at least 2 hours brushing your teeth, or watching TV, or scrolling through the news. We’re emailing to see if you’d be willing to spend 2 hours on another task: saving democracy.

We are one month out from the most consequential election in modern American history. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. #VoteTrumpOut is engaging thousands of swing voters in battleground states through our massive digital ad campaign, and we need dozens of volunteers to have one-on-one conversations with them. Some of these progressive swing voters are contemplating not voting for president or casting an ineffectual 3rd-party protest vote -- actions that will not eject Trump from the White House.

Our Digital Canvass team has seen amazing success mobilizing supporters and persuading fence-sitters online, but we need more volunteers to dialogue with all the progressive swing voters who are responding to our provocative “Vote Trump Out/Then Challenge Biden” ads.

In this critical month of October, we’re asking you to volunteer for one of our 2-hour digital canvassing shifts, and help us eject Trump once and for all. We will quickly train you, and then get you started!

If, like many of our volunteers, you find #VoteTrumpOut work satisfying and empowering, then we invite you to sign up for a shift each week until the election. That’s only 8 or 10 hours over one month, a small price to pay for preventing the rise of Republican-style quasi-fascism. But however you choose to plug in, we need your help.

Trump is on his heels right now. Trailing consistently in the polls, he’s contracted a virus whose severity he spent months trying to minimize -- a propaganda campaign that’s resulted in the avoidable deaths of thousands. If there were ever a time to go for broke, this is it. We can’t get complacent; we don’t want a repeat of 2016. Trump is  still very competitive in most critical swing states, and is outpacing Democrats on new voter registration.

2 hours to get rid of Trump? Now that’s a bargain. Click to volunteer in the final month before the election!

Don’t wake up November 4th wishing you’d done more. Now is a time for all of us, across the nation, to come together to preserve democracy. Join us, and let’s get to work.

One month to go,
Dan Sherrell
#VoteTrumpOut Campaign Director


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