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After 26 years behind bars for a crime he absolutely did not commit, LACINO HAMILTON walked out of a Michigan prison today. Lacino spent many of those years in solitary. He never gave up, or gave in. He studied, he wrote columns, he fought for justice – for himself and others. 

And today he walked free, with the judge offering a full apology. I write this appeal to you through tears of joy!  

PLEASE DONATE to Lacino’s GoFundMe page. Help him get back on hist feet after the 26 years that Michigan stole from him.

Five years ago, several thousand of you signed our petition demanding that the prosecutor's office in Detroit thoroughly review the dubious conviction of Lacino Hamilton, which was based on the testimony of a lying jailhouse “snitch.” RootsAction Education Fund leaders repeatedly demanded justice from the prosecutor’s office, and inspired others to join the struggle.     

Today, we won. You won! And Lacino, wrongfully imprisoned from the age of 19, has won!  

Click here to donate to Lacino Hamilton’s freedom fund. Every dollar goes directly to Lacino.

Speaking personally, I’ve fought in social-justice campaigns for 50 years, and this is one of the most joyous days of my life.   

It’s a victory for Lacino’s brilliant legal team and closest advocates.  

It’s a victory for journalist Aaron Miguel Cantú and Truthout, the wonderful independent news outlet that brought Lacino’s case to national attention, and published his powerful columns from prison.  

It’s a victory for Jamani Montague, a determined young activist who was our Coordinator for Prison Advocacy and launched the original petition that many of you signed.  

But, mostly, it’s a victory for the human spirit as embodied by Lacino Hamilton. He was abused and degraded by a racist system of mass incarceration – but he survived and is now free to blow the whistle on a horrific prison system that belies our country’s “land of the free/home of the brave” rhetoric.  

Yes, I want to donate to support this incredibly brave individual.

Jeff Cohen  
Co-founder, RootsAction Education Fund  

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