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Trump is desperate. He knows he’s losing this election. So he’s falling back on the only thing he does well: cheating brazenly while lying through his teeth. His refusals over the last week to accept a peaceful transition of power represent the last-ditch flailings of an unpopular, wannabe autocrat.

But in a democracy, majorities are supposed to rule. WE are the majority. Together, we can stop Trump’s desperate power grab, and go on to create a government by and for the people -- not a regime of racism and unbridled corporate greed.

In the five weeks left until the election, each of us has to do everything we can to defeat this man in a landslide. The closer the margin, the more ability he’ll have to overturn the results. But if we work hard and defeat him soundly, Trump and his Republican enablers could be out of power for a very long time. And then progressives can go on the offensive for structural reform.

Can you donate $5, $25, or $50 to help us #VoteTrumpOut in a landslide?

Here’s where your money will go. Each week, we beam digital ads to hundreds of thousands of “swing voters on the left” in battleground states. Our digital canvass team then has thousands of one-on-one conversations with people who respond to the ads, turning them out to vote for Biden against Trump (even if they have justifiable reservations about Biden). Just $5 helps 500 additional swing voters see our ads, and leads to dozens more voter conversations. If we keep scaling up this program, we have a chance not only to win, but to really run up the numbers in key swing states.

We have only about 5 weeks left until the election. If you can, please donate to help us #VoteTrumpOut in swing states.

Make no mistake: Trump fears us. He’s scared that the will of the majority will hand him a humiliating defeat, and that his legacy and his ego will be tarnished forever. Let’s prove his fears right.

Dan Sherrell via RootsAction.org


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