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It's not just politicians who ignore science. So do journalists employed by corporate media outlets.

We'll deliver the following petition to this year's presidential debate moderators:

In 2016, not a single question about global warming and the climate crisis was asked by mainstream media moderators in the four general election debates (three presidential and one vice-presidential). The term "climate change" was only uttered a few times, in passing, because Hillary Clinton brought it up.  

In 2012, in the four general election debates, moderators asked no questions about climate change – and neither President Obama nor Mitt Romney (nor VP candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan) ever mentioned the issue.  

In hours of debates in 2012 and 2016, there were zero questions on the climate crisis from moderators hand-picked by the two major parties.  


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This year's moderators are Chris Wallace/Fox News, Susan Page/USA Today (VP debate), Steve Scully/C-SPAN and Kristen Welker/NBC News.

Will they avoid the climate crisis yet again?

The rest of us cannot avoid the reality of it. Let's make certain they don't avoid asking about it.

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-- The RootsAction Education Fund Team

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