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Last month, we launched the #VoteTrumpOut campaign, and we’ve seen enormous success reaching progressive voters in swing states. Today, we’re announcing the launch of a new project aimed specifically at progressive organizers nationwide. It’s called #NotHimUs.

NotHimUs.org takes head-on the deep ambivalence that thousands of young activists are feeling about today's Democratic Party and nominee — with the aim of moving more people from paralysis to action in the critical homestretch before November 3rd. The project’s name is a reminder that it’s not about the candidate, even when the candidate was Bernie. It’s always about the movement. That’s even more true with Biden as the Democratic nominee.
Help us mobilize progressive organizers everywhere to get off the sidelines and volunteer in this election — not for Joe Biden, but for the sake of a progressive future.

It might not feel like it right now, but progressive movements are starting to win. In the streets: one of the most massive uprisings in our nation’s history is unfolding, demanding racial justice and systemic change. And in the halls of power: from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib to Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush, more and more people’s champions are challenging a failed status quo — and winning office.
To continue to gain ground, we need to keep building our movements and elect more people’s candidates. But right now our forward trajectory depends on defeating Trump in swing states.  
The goal of #NotHimUs is to persuade as many committed young people (of all ages!) as possible not only to vote but also to volunteer between now and November 3rd. For each one we persuade, we’ll connect them with people's organizations doing voter persuasion and Get Out The Vote work in battleground states.
Donate now to ensure the full might of the progressive movement gets mobilized to defeat Donald Trump.
We can’t count on the Biden campaign to defeat Trump. If we want to stop the rise of Trump’s fascist impulses, progressives need to take the bull by the horns.
Dan Sherrell
RootsAction’s Electoral Campaigns Director


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