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It’s been only a month since we launched, but the #VoteTrumpOut campaign is on a roll. From the beginning, our mission was to target a crucial voting bloc usually ignored by mainstream media: “swing-state voters on the left” who are considering either not voting for president or voting third party. Doing either will help keep Trump in the White House. In a battleground state, only a vote for Biden/Harris will eject Trump.

Our message is simple: together, we need to vote Trump out, then challenge Biden from day one. So far, that message is resonating deeply.

Can you pitch in $5 or $10 to help us spread our message even further to progressive voters in swing states?

Why should you donate? Take a look at some of our numbers. In the month since we’ve launched the campaign, 411,354 swing-state voters in our target audience have seen our ads, each an average of 10 times! Many have watched our videos featuring progressive champions like Noam Chomsky, Ady Barkan and Jim Hightower. Through our digital canvass program, we’re having one-on-one conversations with 3,000 of those voters every week, and that number is exploding as we gain volunteers. And best of all, it’s costing us only one penny for a moment of a swing-state voter’s attention.

That cost is crazy low. During a noisy election, it usually costs several times that to engage a swing-state voter. But we’ve found a way to do it incredibly efficiently. At this rate, just $1 helps 100 swing-state voters see our ads, and $100 helps 10,000 voters see them. Considering that in 2016 Trump won the crucial swing state of Michigan by less than 11,000 votes, this is truly a bargain.

If one dollar gets the attention of 100 swing-state voters, imagine what $10 or $100 dollars will do. Pitch in today and help us supercharge the #VoteTrumpOut campaign.

We’ve got less than 8 weeks until election day, and voting by mail has already started.  If you were waiting for your time to get involved, this is it. We can’t win this without you.


P.S. For many of us, times are tough right now. If you can’t afford to donate, but do have a little time, you can also sign up to volunteer. However you’re able to help, we need everyone right now.



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