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Hello – Jim Hightower here, Texas progressive advocate and grassroots populist agitator. 

Earlier this year, before the pandemic, I got to travel and speak as a surrogate for Bernie Sanders, witnessing the incredible people’s movements that powered his candidacy. When Bernie fell short of the nomination, a lot of pundits and politicos declared that the progressive movement was down for the count. Wrong! Though Bernie himself didn’t win, the movements that backed him are winning . . . in a big way.  

From Cori Bush to Jamaal Bowman to Marie Newman to Teresa Leger Fernandez, we’re toppling the establishment and electing uncompromised progressive champions to the U.S. House. Every member of “The Squad” defended her seat against the moneyed powers and our numbers in Congress, state legislatures, and local offices are growing. Meanwhile, issues that were nowhere a few years ago – like the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and taxing the plutocrats – have been thrust into the political mainstream.  

But first things first: If we’re actually to produce the democratic changes we talk about, we and those we’re electing have to shift from defense to offense, and that requires voting Trump out in swing states.  

That’s why I’m endorsing the #VoteTrumpOut campaign and urging you to do the same in this short video. Let’s team up and work every day to mobilize progressive voters in battleground states … and sweep Trump out in a landslide on November 3.  

Volunteer today to help talk to voters in swing states -- from wherever you are in the country!

The progressive movement is on a roll, so let’s double down to get rid of the Trumpian negativism and know-nothingism. Then we can seize the initiative for a true progressive future. There is no other option.  

Let’s dump Trump, then take on Biden. Whether you have one hour or ten, we need your help on the #VoteTrumpOut campaign. If you’re ready to throw in with us, sign up here!

In solidarity,

Jim Hightower


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