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We cannot survive another four years of Donald Trump. For myself -- and for the tens of thousands of others saddled with life-threatening illnesses and inadequate healthcare -- this is the literal truth. Already, Trump’s arrogant mishandling of the COVID crisis has left 180,000 of our friends, neighbors and loved ones dead. His callousness would only worsen in a second term, continuing his crusade to privatize, underfund, and dismantle the American healthcare system at the moment we need it most.

Want to make sure he doesn’t win a second term? Sign up today to start talking with voters in swing states.

It’s no secret that I supported Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the presidential primary. And I’m continuing the fight for Medicare for All, so we can win a healthcare system that cares for everyone, regardless of income level. But this election cycle, I’m clear on what we have to do. We must defeat Donald Trump, and elect a president responsive to public pressure. I have real disagreements with Joe Biden, but I also know we can make progress under his administration -- progress that will save thousands of lives.

That’s why I’m proud to endorse the #VoteTrumpOut campaign. We’re mobilizing volunteers across the country to have one-on-one conversations with voters in swing states, so we can beat Trump in a landslide, and build long-term progressive power.

This campaign is powered by people like you. If you want to see Trump gone as much as I do, sign up here to volunteer, and we’ll get you started talking with voters in swing states.

For too many of us, this election is a matter of literal life and death. Which means that all of us share the responsibility to get Trump out of the White House. Whether you have one hour to spare or ten, we need your help. Join us.

In solidarity,

Ady Barkan


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