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You know you’re doing something good when the internet’s biggest mob of racist conspiracy theorists takes aim at your campaign. That’s right: The Trump-worshipping Breitbart News just published a lengthy story about RootsAction’s Vote Trump Out campaign, warning its cultish followers about “veteran activists” pushing for a “far-left progressive agenda.” 

Breitbart is clearly alarmed by our two-part campaign to 1) #VoteTrumpOut and 2) Challenge a Biden administration for progressive reforms that most of the public supports. To Breitbart, few policy goals are more terrifying than universal healthcare (gasp!), or a climate plan that creates millions of jobs (no!), or an end to racist police brutality (say it ain’t so!). 

Donate today to support our nefarious plot to create a level playing field for all, regardless of income, race, gender, religion, sexuality, or birthplace!

Breitbart News is Steve Bannon’s baby. Yes, that Steve Bannon. The one who was arrested days ago on federal charges of defrauding big sums of money from the very people who get taken in by the racist bile he promotes.  

Help us make his upcoming days even worse. Let’s show Bannon and Breitbart that when it comes to winning a progressive agenda, we’re damn serious.

In solidarity,
Dan Sherrell
for #VoteTrumpOut


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