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About 83% of people in the United States get their drinking water from public systems. Privatization of water in the United States and around the world has proven disastrous for public health and public wealth. Yet, Senator and potential vice-presidential nominee Tammy Duckworth and Representatives Bill Pascrell and Richie Neal (Democrats all) are leading efforts to create incentives to privatize water.

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The Invest in America Act (HR2) in the House has good points, but the water privatization industry, acting through Pascrell and Neal, has slipped in incentives to privatize the United States' water supply systems. Duckworth has served the same purpose with companion legislation in the Senate.

There's little dispute that the benefits of this would go only to the profiteers, not the people. As Robert Kuttner reports:

"The average community with privatized water paid 59 percent more than those with government supplied water. In New Jersey, which has more private water than most, private systems charged 79 percent more. In Illinois, they charged 95 percent more. Private water corporations have also been implicated in environmental disasters. The French multinational, Veolia, issued a report in 2015 certifying that Flint, Michigan’s water system met EPA standards, but neglected to mention high lead concentrations."

It's time we tell every member of Congress to oppose water privatization, to return all past and accept no future campaign funds from water privatizers, and to cease using the current crisis to enrich profiteers to the public detriment.

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>>  Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect: "Privatizing Our Public Water Supply"


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