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Send this message to U.S. lawmakers: As the 75th anniversaries of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki approach, I am counting on you to listen to the voices of survivors and your constituents by pledging to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

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Many people were vaporized like water on a hot frying pan. They left “shadows” on the ground that in some cases still remain. But some walked or crawled. Some made it to hospitals where others could hear their exposed bones clacking on the floor like high heels. At the hospitals, maggots crawled into their wounds and their noses and ears. The maggots ate the patients alive from the inside out.

The dead sounded metallic when thrown into trashcans and trucks, sometimes with their young children crying and moaning for them nearby.

The black rain fell for days, raining death and horror. Those who drank water died instantly. Those who thirsted dared not drink. Those untouched by illness sometimes developed red spots and died quickly enough to watch the death seep over them. The living lived in terror. The dead were added to mountains of bones now viewed as lovely grass hills from which the smell has finally departed.

For 75 years, the survivors, now known as Hibakusha, have struggled to live on, afflicted by delayed health and environmental effects, and by anxiety about the possible effects of radiation on their children and grandchildren. Never again can we allow such tragedies to be repeated.

The Hibakusha have drafted and are asking us to support this appeal. Please add your name.

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