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Why is there a corporate-friendly challenger to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with $2 million to spend?

Here's part of the answer. On Monday, AOC tweeted this: "Teachers are paying out of pocket for school supplies, yet police are given extra tanks. Budgets convey priorities. We should question ours."

Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter retweeted that and added: "We must question ours. As my father said, 'A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense [militarism] than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.'"

AOC retweeted news about the corporate exploitation of Puerto Rico, and commented "Oh, look, a looting in progress." Who knows how many people were compelled to reconsider what looting means.

AOC was asked what defunding the police looks like. She replied: "A suburb." One can only speculate how many lightbulbs went off in the minds of readers.

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AOC is not just good at tweeting. She's proven extremely effective at questioning witnesses. She's also introduced or co-sponsored and, in many cases, helped to pass progressive legislation. She's also expanded the debate with proposals that make lesser proposals possible.

For example, this week AOC joined with Congresswoman Barbara Lee in sponsoring a resolution to move $350 billion out of military spending. If some lesser amount is actually moved out through the process of amending this next big military bill, it will be in part because this more far-reaching proposal was put on the table.

AOC is relentlessly pursuing economic justice, climate protection, an end to racism, and demilitarization. She compromises where needed on legislation, but she doesn't censor her speech.

We need her voice in Congress more than we may realize. The haunting silence we'll experience if it's removed will certainly make that clear.

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--- The RootsAction.org Team

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