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Some 40 million Americans have lost their jobs so far during the COVID-19 pandemic, and homelessness is rising. People who lack a house or apartment and contract coronavirus are twice as likely to be hospitalized and two to three times as likely to die as members of the general public.

It’s critical that Congress pass emergency rental assistance and broaden eviction prevention. A moratorium on evictions, on its own, is not enough. Congress must also provide $100 billion in rental assistance so people are able to pay their rent.

The House provided those funds in its recently-passed HEROES bill; the Senate needs to do the same immediately.

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Right now, our homes are much more than just houses: They are health care centers, offices, schools—the list goes on.

We cannot allow families to be forced from their homes in the midst of a global pandemic.

The Senate must immediately broaden a moratorium on evictions and pass $100 billion in emergency rental assistance to provide direct aid to help low-income people and struggling families pay their rent.

With approximately 40 million Americans out of work and more than one-quarter of households with people who have lost earnings unable to pay their last month’s rent, we need immediate federal action to prevent evictions in the midst of the pandemic.

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