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RootsAction is pleased to forward you this urgent message from Congressman Ro Khanna, who is working to dramatically improve the next big bill in Congress.

Supporter, we are failing our frontline workers. That ends now.

Nearly 60 million Americans are still working to keep our internet running, to deliver our groceries, to make sure we have electricity, and to care for the sick.

Without these people, our nation would not function. Yet, millions are being paid pittances, and aren’t being provided the protective equipment they need to keep their families safe.

That’s why I’m proud to support, alongside Senator Elizabeth Warren, an Essential Workers Bill of Rights that would provide hazard pay, ensure health and safety protections, provide paid leave, and more. Will you sign on as a citizen co-sponsor?

This crisis needs to open our eyes to the value of workers who are often invisible, and we need to give them the pay and benefits they deserve. Here’s what we’re fighting for:

1. Health and safety protections including PPE.
2. Robust premium compensation retroactive to the beginning of this crisis.
3. Provide protections for collective bargaining agreements.
4. Institute truly universal paid sick leave and family and medical leave.
5. Protect whistleblowers who call attention to unsafe conditions.
6. End to worker misclassification.
7. Full health insurance for all frontline workers.
8. Support child care.
9. Give workers a seat at the table when coordinating government response.
10. Hold corporations accountable for meeting their responsibilities.

From the beginning, our workers should have had these benefits. Now, we have a chance to rectify that and provide them with the support they’ve earned. Sign your name now to become a citizen co-sponsor.

With your help, we’ll fight to add these provisions to the next COVID-19 relief bill Congress passes in response to this crisis. Thank you for taking action.

In solidarity,

Ro Khanna


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