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When Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign on April 8, he explicitly asserted that he would stay on primary ballots to give voters a chance to elect delegates committed to him. (Democrats in more than 20 states had yet to vote in primaries.)

The state of New York is having a primary election on June 23 (expected to be totally mail-in) for various congressional and state legislative seats across the state. A month ago, amid the pandemic, Gov. Cuomo prudently delayed New York’s presidential primary – originally scheduled for April – so that it would happen on the same date as the already-scheduled June 23rd primary.

But some in New York’s Democratic establishment are now trying to cancel the presidential voting and remove Sanders from the ballot, along with his 184 certified potential delegates.

This despite Sanders’ clearly stated intention to stay on the ballot – and despite the fact that volunteers spent thousands of hours arduously obtaining 65,000 petition signatures on behalf of delegates pledged to Sanders from registered Democrats in every one of New York’s 27 congressional districts. (RootsAction co-founder Jeff Cohen is one such potential delegate whose name would disappear from the ballot.)

Click here to quickly tell Gov. Cuomo and Election Commissioners not to cancel the presidential primary.

Cancelling the election at this late date would be anti-democratic. It would be divisive. It would intensify long-held suspicions about unfairness of the Democratic establishment toward the progressive wing of the party.

Click here to tell Mr. Cuomo and Election Commissioners Kellner and Spano to allow New York Democrats to cast their vote for president in the primary.

-- The RootsAction.org Team