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RootsAction.org is pleased to pass along this important message from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress.

We wanted to send you a message about the most important resource for our campaign: people.

AOC doesn’t come from a powerful or wealthy family. When she began this fight, she didn’t have a bunch of rich friends, corporate PACs, or establishment insiders to build the foundation for a winning campaign.

All she had was people like you. Volunteers from all walks of life, and people who were tired of a system that clearly wasn’t designed to work for them. We were united by a common goal — building a democracy that centered social, racial, economic, and environmental justice for all.

That coalition of scrappy volunteers, starry eyed idealists, working-parents donating a few hours where they could, college students burdened with crippling debt, and activists of all creeds shocked the nation on June 26th, 2018.

But our work is not over. Powerful forces are aligning to stop AOC’s reelection. Will you sign your name to personally endorse AOC right now before election year begins?

AOC has been under constant attack. Republicans on the House floor attacked the Squad for impeaching Donald Trump. Fox News spent thousands of hours spreading lies about her, and gave her opponents national airtime. The President of the United States used his platform to try and tear us down.

But none of them could stop our momentum. Despite it all, our movement ushered a Green New Deal into the national conversation. We introduced legislation on the Just Society to bring economic justice to all.

We advanced the cause of progressive change in the face of historic opposition, and in 2020, we’re going even bolder than ever.

Now, it’s time to reelect AOC, and work to elect a slate of powerful progressives alongside her. Will you sign your name to personally endorse AOC’s reelection?

The forces aligned against us will have all the dark money, corporate PACs, and Fox News pundits on their side. But we have people power.

We’ll take those odds any day.


Team AOC


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