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Congressman Ro Khanna of California is increasingly recognized for his leadership on peace, both legislatively and in terms of moving public discourse away from acceptance of war.

When the United States and Iran appeared to be on the brink of war recently, Khanna immediately worked with Senator Bernie Sanders to introduce legislation in both houses of Congress to prevent it.

Khanna has been campaigning for Sanders for president, and advancing an anti-war message every step of the way.

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As a prominent spokesperson for the Bernie Sanders campaign, Khanna has been in a position to make peace a big part of the message. He was quoted in The Nation magazine this week explaining that peace is popular in Iowa, where Sanders leads in the latest polls:

“I firmly believe the reason Bernie has shot to the lead has everything to do with Iran. He was decisive on this. We co-introduced legislation the day after the strike to stop funding for the war. And then went across Iowa hitting the anti-war message. Sanders hammered the anti-war message for weeks. He had the great line he started using: Instead of spending 1.8 trillion on military budgets, why don’t we use some of those resources to tackle climate change. People tuned in that he had blasted the defense budget. It’s just shocking to me that what’s so obvious to explain Bernie's rise is being missed by the media."

Khanna is not just acting for peace, but also letting people know that others want it too. This is leadership we must support!

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Khanna has called for PG&E to be made a publicly owned utility, to help prevent further wildfires in California.

Few are more articulate than Ro Khanna in explaining the advantages of Medicare for All.

Khanna backs a Green New Deal, and holding polluters and liars like ExxonMobil to account.

Ro Khanna is working to eliminate student debt, to protect whistleblowers, and to advance many of RootsAction's causes.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

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