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RootsAction.org is pleased to pass along this important message from Justice Democrats.

The DCCC is still blacklisting vendors who work on insurgent, primary campaigns.

Add your name right now to demand that the DCCC end its blacklist policy.

In 2018 we worked to elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her win sent a shockwave to the Democratic establishment. They got scared of the power of our movement and decided to institute a “blacklist” policy to hurt the campaigns of our insurgent, primary candidates.

The DCCC -- the Democratic Party’s official congressional arm -- is still blacklisting vendors that support primary challengers (like AOC and Ayanna Pressley) to Democratic incumbents -- officially putting the interests of a handful of corporate-backed, conservative Democrats above the will of Democratic voters.

They’re trying to stop a new generation of leaders from emerging in the Democratic Party. They are scared of the power of our progressive movement to create a party that serves voters, not big corporate donors. Here’s where you come in -- we need to build a massive grassroots movement to take on the DCCC and pressure them to end their terrible policy.

Will you join our movement today by signing on and condemning the DCCC’s blacklist policy?

Over 70% of congressional districts in America have no competitive general election. Primary races are often the only real way for Democratic and progressive voters to have a voice and hold their representatives accountable.

If we want to fight for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, free college, getting corporate money out of politics, and an end to mass incarceration and deportation then we need to help build a network of alternative campaign infrastructure to support progressive primary challengers against this DCCC sabotage.

Some of our progressive allies are already hearing stories about primary challengers who were thinking about running but had their consultants walk away once they heard about this DCCC pressure.

The Democratic Party has a clear choice: do we want to be the party of Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley, or do we want to undermine our ideals by protecting a handful of fringe, conservative Democrats like Henry Cuellar and Dan Lipinski instead?

If you want a Democratic Party that fights for the voters, not blindly backing every entrenched incumbent, then sign onto our petition to demand that the DCCC end its blacklist.

Thank you for joining our movement today! We’re glad to have you in the struggle with us.

In solidarity,

Justice Democrats


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