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Eva Putzova is a candidate in the Democratic Primary in Arizona's First Congressional District who should be supported nationwide.

She has published a column in the Arizona Daily Star that begins:

"In 1989, nearly a million people in the former Czechoslovakia—where I was born and raised—took to the streets to peacefully overthrow the totalitarian dictatorship of the Communist Party."

In discussing that country's successful, nonviolent "Velvet Revolution," she offers well-deserved criticism of the Soviet Union. But then, Putzova adds:

"Today’s big corporations are not dissimilar to state-run economies."

She follows that up with:

"As we head into 2020, I hope young people in this country will find the courage to demand transformation, and, like they did in 1989 Czechoslovakia, the older generations will allow them to lead. We must do the same thing here that we did there — remove old structures from power — in order to get out of the climate, health care and housing crises while re-envisioning a new democracy — equal, inclusive, just and generous."

Eva Putzova is challenging incumbent Tom O'Halleran, a corporate Blue Dog and New Democrat who shares none of these positions, all found front and center on Putzova's website:

No More Wars • A Green New Deal • Medicare For All • Tuition-Free College

Please click here to help fund Eva Putzova's election and the work RootsAction does.

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Eva Putzova served on the Flagstaff City Council from 2014 to 2018 and was instrumental in:
  • increasing the minimum wage to $15.50 per hour
  • initiating the City’s first Climate Action Plan
  • leading efforts to pass a resolution for Indigenous People’s Day
  • approving Flagstaff’s (and Arizona’s) first paid parental leave policy
  • passing a resolution to call on Congress to permanently address the legal status of DREAMers and pass comprehensive immigration reform with a clearly defined path to citizenship
  • opposing uranium mining and the transportation of the uranium ore and reaffirming Flagstaff as a nuclear free zone.
Eva is accepting no corporate PAC money. She needs our support. Other candidates around the country need to see our support for her. It will make them better.

Donate here.

Thank you!

>> Eva Putzova, Arizona Daily Star: "Remembering, and Learning, from the Velvet Revolution"


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