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What would it mean for Bernie Sanders to be president?

It would mean a White House and a massive and energized popular movement both working for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, free public college, an end to wars, the right to organize unions, an end to the housing crisis, expanded Social Security, an end to mass incarceration, a 0.1% tax on wealth over $32 million, closing tax loopholes for corporations, and shifting resources from militarism to human and environmental needs.

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The work that RootsAction.org does would be needed all the more during a Sanders presidency, but we would be on the offensive, shaping policy more than resisting catastrophe. No politician or human being is perfect, but Sanders would be the most progressive president the United States has seen. He would also be the most tied in and committed to grassroots participatory democracy.

Sanders' nomination would not just dramatically boost the chances of being able to tell Donald Trump he's "fired," but also boost the campaigns of progressive candidates for Congress whose election will also be essential to reversing the disastrous course we've been on.

Unlike some other candidates, Sanders is not funding his campaign with billionaires' donations.

Can you become one in the vast multitude of small donors needed to allow Sanders to compete with those who themselves are, or who are funded by, the ultra-rich? Click here.

Bernie has been running in second place in most national polls, behind Joe Biden. But people in Iowa and New Hampshire vote first, and Bernie is in first place in both states, according to the latest polling.

As understanding begins sinking in that President Bernie Sanders is a very real possibility, the corporate media can be expected to shift away from often ignoring Bernie and toward explicitly smearing and opposing him. The best way to build the strength needed to counter the forces of inertia and regression, is for as many of us as possible to become Bernie supporters. Do that here.

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In Solidarity,

--- The RootsAction.org Team

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