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"Last week, the Trump administration kicked over 700,000 people off of their food stamps just weeks before the holidays. Now, they’re proposing $738 billion in defense spending."

Thus remarked Congressman Ro Khanna, one of the few voices in power in Washington and in the U.S. corporate media that shatter the common pretense that war is free and everything else too expensive.

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Earlier this month, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith called the worst and biggest military spending bill we've seen "progressive." Ro Khanna stood up in Congress, surrounded by his colleagues, and called that language "Orwellian."

Khanna pointed out that the military budget being voted on was $120 billion larger than it had been just three years earlier. "That could fund free public college for every American," Khanna noted.

Congressman Khanna also effectively refuted the ridiculous notion that by spending more on wars you'll somehow end up with fewer wars, denouncing the spending and the "endless wars" thereby generated. Khanna insisted that we must hold Congress accountable for the current wars as long as it continues funding them.

When someone says what we want said, we need to support him.

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Khanna has called for PG&E to be made a publicly owned utility, to help prevent further wildfires in California.

Few are more articulate than Ro Khanna in explaining the advantages of Medicare for All.

Khanna backs a Green New Deal, and holding polluters and liars like ExxonMobil to account.

Ro Khanna is working to eliminate student debt, to protect whistleblowers, and to advance many of RootsAction's causes.

He's also a powerful advocate for Bernie Sanders 2020.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team

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