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When the biggest state Democratic Party gathered at its convention a few days ago, RootsAction was there -- directly reaching most of the delegates with a high-impact flier headlined “We want Medicare for All. Not healthcare profiteering for the few.”

By far, it was the most widely read and discussed handout of the entire historic convention, which featured presentations by many of the presidential contenders.

RootsAction leafleting team at the California Democratic Party convention last weekend: Yolanda Nogueira, David Clennon, Mary Tokita.

“Two prominent candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination are not just opposing Medicare for All -- they keep denouncing and distorting it,” the flier pointed out.

The latest Iowa poll shows Pete Buttigieg leading in that first-in-the-nation caucus state. Unfortunately, he is now running ads attacking Medicare for All.

As the RootsAction flier says, “Buttigieg is claiming that Medicare for All would precipitously dump people off of health coverage and deprive them of ‘choice.’ Those are insurance-industry talking points. He is deliberately confusing the current ‘choice’ of predatory for-profit insurance plans with the genuine full choice of healthcare providers that enhanced Medicare for everyone would offer.”

If you agree that’s not the kind of leadership we need for healthcare in our country, here are two things you can do to push back:
  • Click here and throw a few dollars in the hat so RootsAction can continue to help transform the healthcare debate at Democratic Party gatherings around the country.
  • Read and share the flier that had so much impact at the California Democratic Party convention. You can do that via the “Background” links below.

Our “Medicare for All” flier awaiting arrival of members of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party.
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By the time Buttigieg spoke to the California convention last weekend, RootsAction’s leaflet debunking his deceptions on healthcare had already reached most of the delegates.

Another high-profile candidate -- Joe Biden -- has been using scare tactics and sending out absurd messages like this recent tweet: “Let’s put this in perspective: if you eliminate every single solitary soldier, tank, satellite, nuclear weapon, eliminate the Pentagon and it would only pay for 4 months of Medicare for All. 4 months. Where do the other 8 months come from? Your paycheck.”

We’ve got to resist such propaganda.

Donations will enable us to print more fliers and literally get them into the hands of Democratic Party delegates and activists in many states. Whatever you can afford will make a difference.

Thank you!

--- The RootsAction.org Team

RootsAction: “We want Medicare for all. Not healthcare profiteering for the few.”
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