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Ro Khanna, since 2017, has been that rarest of surprises in Washington, D.C., a Congress Member who performs better than people expected. In fact, he has been a leading member of Congress in just about every area that RootsAction works on.

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Khanna is one of the few Democrats in Congress with foreign policy even listed as an issue on his Congressional website. And it's not just listed. Khanna backs the replacement of wars with diplomacy and cites his work in moving the United States in that direction.

Khanna has led efforts in Congress to end the U.S.-Saudi war on Yemen. He's neither in favor of Trump's movement of troops in Syria nor in favor of keeping troops there.

Khanna avoids oversimplification and appreciably raises the level of discourse in Congress.

Khanna even goes after the cost of militarism and of fossil fuel subsidies. "The issue," he says, "has never been whether we can afford the changes that people want to see — it's always been about our priorities."

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Khanna has called for PG&E to be made a publicly owned utility, to help prevent further wildfires in California.

Few are more articulate than Ro Khanna in explaining the advantages of Medicare for All.

Khanna backs a Green New Deal, and holding polluters and liars like ExxonMobil to account.

Ro Khanna is working to eliminate student debt, to protect whistleblowers, and to advance many of RootsAction's causes.

He's also a powerful advocate for Bernie Sanders 2020.

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-- The RootsAction.org Team


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