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When 2019 began, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was still claiming to be in favor of Medicare For All.

But in the recent debate he pushed misleading and familiar corporate talking points to oppose it.

In between January and October, Buttigieg collected lots of big checks from corporate executives and other wealthy donors. As of mid-2019, Buttigieg was second only to Trump in campaign funding from the health sector. Among the Democrats, he was second only to Joe Biden in funding from the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries.

Bernie Sanders can only compete against corporate funding, and RootsAction can only lobby for Medicare for All, if a huge number of people provide small amounts of funding.

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Buttigieg has a TV ad that consists of corporate news personalities saying how great his plan is. But his plan avoids the savings, efficiency, and bureaucracy-reduction of Medicare for All by creating something even more complicated than what we have now, while leaving the insurance companies and their skyrocketing prices in place.

Under such a plan, people can expect to see their premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and denials of claims continue to rise. The justifications offered for going this route, against the experience of virtually every wealthy nation on earth, are pure propaganda.

First, we're expected to imagine huge numbers of people who love their health insurance companies so much that they will insist on funding them rather than receive more comprehensive coverage for less cost and less hassle.

Second, we're expected to believe that "raising taxes" is a phrase of such magical powers that people will run from it screaming even if their taxes are raised much less than they save by eliminating premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.

One candidate countered this nonsense in clear, straightforward terms in the most recent debate, the same candidate who has worked for many years to bring the movement for Medicare for All to the height it has now reached.

If you'd like to at long last see the United States join other nations in treating healthcare as a human right, not an excuse to profit from others' misery, click here to chip in to Bernie Sanders 2020.

-- The RootsAction.org Team

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