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Help Jessica Cisneros make history!

Few candidates for Congress meet RootsAction’s rigorous standards as champions of social justice and foes of corporate greed.

But we wholeheartedly support JESSICA CISNEROS to replace “Democrat-in-name-only” Henry Cuellar in a strongly Democratic district in South Texas.

Jessica is an unapologetic progressive on the issues, like the jobs-creating Green New Deal. She has a great personal story – a working-class daughter of Mexican immigrants who is now an attorney fighting for the rights of immigrants. And she's even younger than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (and would be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress).

Help Jessica Cisneros make history by donating to her campaign.

Her opponent is one of the most pro-Trump, pro-NRA, pro-oil and gas, anti-environment, anti-choice Democrats in Congress. Cuellar is so pro-corporate that he was one of 15 House Democrats that RootsAction singled out in our “Bad Blues” report as someone deserving to be “primaried.”

Please support Jessica by donating whatever you can afford. Every dollar helps.

The Cisneros vs. Cuellar primary is fast approaching in March. We can help Jessica retire her opponent so he can become just another corporate lobbyist like the incumbent Democrat AOC defeated in 2018.

Please donate today. The quarterly filing period for fundraising ends Sept. 30.

Remember: Since Jessica is building a grassroots campaign, she doesn't need to match the millions her opponent is raising. She just needs enough to enable her “people power” to defeat Cuellar’s money power, like AOC did in New York City last year.

Where does Cuellar get his big bucks? By serving the wealthy 1 percent, while representing one of the poorer districts in our country. He’s one of the only Democrats funded by the Koch Industries PAC. No Democrat in Congress had a higher ranking last year from the anti-union, anti-environment U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Please contribute to Jessica’s grassroots campaign. She’s not funded by corporatists. She has the backing of Elizabeth Warren, Justice Democrats, RootsAction and activists like you. 

-- The RootsAction.org Team

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